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2017-07-13 13:24:58
More Moving Tips

Step 3:  Pack Smart:

Now that we have organized our move and planned for the pets and kids, it is finally time to pack.  Whether you are doing it yourself or having a professional moving company do it for you, this part will consume most of your time.  Here is an outline that may help shorten the process.

  • Start Early:  Once you organize and prioritize your items, it will be much easier and will save time.  If you know you're not going to use an item until after the move, pack it away first.
  • Take BreaksMoving is stressful with so many things to do, so take time for yourself, it will make life much easier.  Try setting an alarm, and just stop what you are doing when it goes off.  Eat meals and snacks to keep your energy up, and drink lots of water, and stretch those muscles.
  • Pack by Room and Number your Boxes:  In an notebook or app, write what's in each box (e.g. Box 2 Kitchen, pots & pans, blender, crock pot).  Try using color coded stickers for each room (you can get these from an office store), and number each box.
  • Pack Valuables Yourself:  Take extra care with these items so they will survive the move in one piece.  Use bubble wrap, soft linens, clothing, bedding or towels to wrap these items.  Take photos of valuables.
  • Take Photos: Taking a quick photo of the back of your television, stereo or computer will help you match each cord to the connect plug. 
  • Nuts and Bolts:  If you disassemble any furniture, this ensures you don't lose any screws or important pieces.  Tape the bags to the underside of the furniture.
  • Items you Need Right Away: These are normally the last pack items such as toiletries, work clothes or home office items.  Pack them in clear plastic bins.  This saves you from having to search through all your boxes to get to it.  Label it as 'Open First'.

Well, the hard part is over, so spend the last night at a hotel or with family members, relax and enjoy time with the family, friends and pets.   You are ready for the rest of the move.   

Happy Pet


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