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2017-01-04 09:28:27
Happy New Year


Sorry, didn't mean to shout it out to you.  But I will tell you it is always good to see a new year.  It helps to embrace it as a new beginning.  None of us can go back (thank goodness), but we can put our best foot forward.  Now is a great time to review those things you would like to change, and decide exactly what you would like to accomplish in the coming year.  Look at it as a challenge to see just how long that resolution lasts.  Trust me, I know it is not always easy to stick with it, but I do know you can if you think you can.

Let me share one of my goals for 2017, and I hope you will help me stick to it.  Blogging, yep, simple right!!!  Not so much, in order to have a meaningful blog on a regular basis, one needs to think of interesting topics which are relevant.  That is not always easy.  Suffice it to say, I will do my best to get my blogs in on time and try to make them interesting and relevant.   I invite you to tell what you think of them, and join in any discussion at any time.

Bottom line is that I'm so grateful to be hear for another year and will do my dead level best to make it memorable.  Thanks to all of you who support my efforts.  Again, 'HAPPY NEW YEAR'.

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